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Myrna P. Daramy
Marketing Technologist

Technology Advisor

SEO Coach

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Over the past 12 years, I have been called different things by many people (a not-so-secret seo weapon, website whisperer, Digital Media expert, Tech pr girl, technology genius).  But honestly, I'm just an individual who has a unique perspective about all things tech. My architectural and technology management background has afforded me to have a systematic, technical, and  organized mentality with equal parts creativity, intuition, and out-of-the-box thinking.  


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Client Reviews

Myrna’s digital expertise and reputation in the Bridal industry is unparalleled. She works with many of the industry’s most influential brands and is responsible for making key introductions netting long-term relationships for our studio. Myrna is unique in that she utilizes both sides of her brain, allowing her to articulate the technicalities of a site’s back end while understanding the creative principals driving the front.
Best of all, she does it with a big heart and bright smile.
— Eric Hoffman | Hoffman Creative
Not only is Myrna an absolute pleasure to work with but the results of her work speak for themselves. Since bringing her on board last year, my organic search traffic has doubled, making it the number source of traffic to my website. As a business owner, it can be daunting to tackle tech-related projects when you’re not technical. But Myrna has the rare ability to bridge the communication gap and speak in terms you can easily understand. She explains what she’s going to do, why she’s going to do it and most importantly, the impact the project will have on your business. Then she implements exactly as promised. Making an investment in Myrna has more than paid for itself.
— Jamie Kutchman | Marigold & Grey
Having a website built for an organization is tough - particularly if you are a tech novice. Thank goodness Myrna has been there to guide me through the entire process! She tweaked the contract to make sure it covered everything we needed. Then in the design process, she has been invaluable - constantly noticing things and suggesting improvements I would never have thought of. With Myrna as my Tech Advisor, I can relax and focus on the content and know that the technical side I don’t understand is totally covered!
— Kathleen Koch | LeadersLink