My Thoughts on SEO: The Movie

I just finished watching SEO: The Movie (#SEOMOVIE) created by Ignite Visibility and I have to admit, it was great!  (Please don't judge my inner geek.)  As an educator who publicly speaks about the topics of search engine optimization and digital marketing, it was very refreshing to hear what these SEO game-changers from the 1990's had to say about where SEO is headed.  As an SEO Expert, it's always great to know that the SEO Expert community is all on the same page in terms of where SEO is headed.  

(Click here to watch the movie.)

Wanna know something ironically crazy?  Last year, this time I wrote an article for The Rising Tides Society called, DMO is the New SEO. What is DMO?  It's an acronym that I made up which stands for Digital Media Optimization.  In today's world where digital technology is a part of our everyday lives, it makes perfect sense that marketers will promote their brands on any platform that has a community.    

The article was a little ahead of its time, but even last year, I understood the evolving and ever-changing environment of SEARCH.  So many think that SEO only pertains to a website, but the reality is, optimizing your content is essential where ever you can place marketing content online - the web, mobile, voice search, social media platforms, so many channels and touch points to mention.  

Digital Media Optimization is the new search engine optimization

Digital Media Optimization is the new search engine optimization

Aside from creating great content that is relevant on a frequent basis, you need to think about your brand holistically.  Does your brand look uniform or digitally cohesive across all of your touch points?  Are you being consistent with the type of content you are posting so that your audience has a clear understanding of what you are selling? Are you consistent with optimizing your content (modifying permanent-links, using keywords, and adding appropriate meta tags)? 

The future of SEO is bright and although it is constantly evolving, there are several things you can do to keep up.  Want to know what those things are.... tune in a future post where I will share that with you ;-)

Myrna Daramy