2018:  My Year of BEING BOLD

I can't believe that it is already the Spring and the second quarter of 2018!  So far it's been a whirlwind of highs, little lows, and massive changes.  The biggest change has been my mindset.  Ever since the film "Black Panther" made its debut over a month ago, a lightbulb went off in my head, and I just have to share.


I had the honor and privilege of seeing the first public viewing of the film Black Panther on a Friday morning premier and let me say this...it definitely lived up to all the hype!  Being a Marvel fan, I suspected it would be good simply because of amazing special effects. But this movie transcends on so many levels.  Not just because this movie revolutionizes the modern black superhero, or because this the first Marvel film with a predominately black cast, or that is is continuing to shatter box office records. It's because this film takes #blackgirlmagic and #blackexcellence to a whole new level!  Every female role in this film embodies strength, wisdom, and leadership. Although they didn’t have any super-human powers, they relied on their intelligence and inner strength to make a difference.  

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios



I don’t know about you, but I feel as if there is no better time than to be a woman!  Since 2017, there definitely seems to be something special going on.   Maybe it’s because 2017 was the year of the Rise-up of Women.   From ‘Wonder Woman’ becoming the highest grossing superhero film ever, to the first Women’s March becoming the largest single-day protest in U.S. history, to the global #MeToo movement, women around the world chose to unite and embrace their inner strength and resilience.  These moments have ignited a new surge of energy which have not only impacted me, but have gone viral.   And when my she-ro Oprah Winfrey kept momentum going with her powerful speech during the Golden Globe Awards just last month, I decided that 2018 for me is going to be about accepting my own awesome and BEING BOLD.  


Fast forward to February 2018, which also happens to be Black History Month, and the world receives another example of women empowerment with this movie.  And I’m not surprised at all that the film hit the global billion dollar mark a few days ago!  



Up until last year, I believed that it was better to stay behind-the-scenes of the many amazing brands and bridal industry giants that I'm honored to call clients. As a woman of color in tech, I thought I was supposed to dim my light so that my clients could shine.  But that perspective started to shift once I began public speaking and educating thousands of creative entrepreneurs on topics like Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.  I realized that I love educating. I have a knack for it and don’t mind being in the forefront whatsoever.


I spent the last week of December reflecting and journaling.  I asked myself the hard questions like what worked well /what didn’t work well, what did I enjoy, and what was I grateful for.  I made a commitment this January to walk in confidence in my own skin and do it all boldly.  Even though it is out of my comfort zone and I’m not 100% sure where it will take me, I know I would doing this world a disservice to do anything else.  I continue to search for clarity and probably always will. Don't we all? But very recently my direction has become more clear than ever and I can't wait to share what’s in store. No more hiding behind the scenes for this girl! 

Myrna Daramy