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Learn how to take control of your digital presence, step-by-step.

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Starting September 9, 2019

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The fall/winter session of the DMO Advisory begins on September 9, 2019, and will end on February 2020.

To make sure every subscriber gets the attention they need, we are limiting the number of available spots.


What is DMO?

DMO stands for Digital Media Optimization™-- my own coined phrase that comprises of the processes, tactics, and strategies your business uses in order to leverage your brand online in an integrated, holistic approach.


SEO is like yoga, but DMO is a lifestyle.

With DMO, you are able to apply minimum digital marketing efforts and gain maximum results.
The major elements include:



(Search Engine Optimization)
Techniques used to obtain a high ranking position in search engine results



(Social Media Strategy)
Tactics you use on your social media platforms



(Search Engine Marketing)
Paid advertisements created for the web



(Content Management Strategy)
Strategy to promote and connect your content with your target audience


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • Tech is ALWAYS changing and I just don’t have the time to figure it out

  • SEO is a whole different language! I literally get lost when reading articles about it

  • I have an idea of what to do, but making the time to follow through is tough

  • My business has done an okay job in maintaining our digital blueprint by winging it, so I could only imagine how much traction we would create if we were more intentional or confident 

  • Working on optimizing my digital blueprint is just frustrating and I’d rather focus on the aspects of my business that I enjoy

  • I’m tired of spinning my wheels and I’m afraid of wasting time on strategies that may not produce any results

  • Tech is just intimidating so I just avoid it as much as possible

  • There are too many conflicting articles on tech. Who do I trust to give me clear insight that makes sense?

There’s no need to get stressed out. You’re not alone. 

Gain clarity and confidence without the overwhelm
with The DMO Advisory™


Why should you subscribe?

Let's face it; digital marketing tactics like SEO are always changing. To make matters even worse, you need to be consistent in your practice to fully benefit from the fruits of your labor. And, that's only one piece of the overwhelming and ever-changing technology puzzle.

That's why we created the Digital Media Optimization subscription platform. We've prepared course-like material that's tailored to walk you through the set-up and maintenance of your digital presence.


But, unlike other courses that only teach the knowledge, we're going further by showing you how to apply that knowledge directly to your current website and social footprint. In the end, you not only walk away with the knowledge you need to survive in a tech world, but you see the fruits of your labor first-hand.


What does this include?


Weekly Newsletters

Each subscription will receive weekly newsletters that will bring your attention to what matters when it comes to establishing your digital brand.


You Can Action Plans

Every week will start with an action plan that will give you a step-by-step approach to either cleaning up or enhancing your digital footprint.


Access To Resources

The world of digital media is always changing. We're keeping a library of web resources and videos that you'll be able to access at anytime.


Vetted Vendor List

Some of this tech stuff may require professional services. No worries, we've got you covered. Whenever your ready, we have vetted professionals waiting to serve.

live session.png

Ask Me Anything (Live Session)

Each month, we'll meet online to discuss the goals of the month and what to expect moving forward—your chance to ask questions and gain experience from other subscriber questions.


Trust Circle

Join a trusted group of like-minded individuals where there are no dumb questions and the environment is an ego-free zone.


Pro subscribers also get:


Monthly Video Review

As a PRO subscriber, you'll benefit from a monthly video review of your digital presence and what next steps would be most beneficial. All videos are accessible from a secure portal at whenever you need them for review.


1-on-1 Advice

As a PRO subscriber, you also get direct access to my staff and me via a 15-minute monthly call. This is another chance to ask any question and gain insight into your progress.



What’s in store for the fall/winter session



The first month of the DMO Advisory sets the foundation for what's to come. We'll start with some house-cleaning and organize your technology services. We'll show you how to take a snapshot of your existing digital presence and help you to understand what steps to take next.


The second month will get you ready for the holiday season. We want to make sure that your future customers have an easy time finding you. We'll review your Google visibility and make sure that last months cleanup is taking effect. We'll demystify the purpose of your sitemap and teach you how Google uses it to direct visitors to your site.


The month of November is where we'll start to see the fruits of our labor. We'll teach you the best ways to leverage social media without you feeling the burnout. We'll show you how to use Google ads to increase your digital footprint effectively and how to use Google Analytics to review your progress along the way.



Holidays and seasonal breaks can be rough for business. But, if you've done the work over the past 3 months, then you'll be more prepared to weather the storm. You'll learn how to use marketing tools like MailChimp and Typeform to engage your customers and entice them with seasonal incentives.


The new year is not just about starting new habits; it's about seeing where your actions have taken you. The month of January is all about using the holiday downtime to harnessing the power of reports. You'll learn how to use Google Data Studio to easily make mission-critical reports that can be sent to you automatically.


The last month of the session brings us full circle to the snapshot we took earlier in September. We'll see first-hand how our efforts have transformed our digital footprint and how well prepared we are to enter into the spring and summer. We'll review all that we've learned and how we can adjust our digital marketing tactics for the spring and summer.


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