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A crystal-clear roadmap to optimizing your website in order to:

  • Spend less on advertising
  • Attract more online visitors
  • Make more sales!

You're an expert in your business, but not in search engine optimization.

You’ve probably heard about SEO and thought:

  • What is it? Do I really need it?
  • I’m already so busy—I do not have time to take anything else on!
  • My website designer said they optimized my website but why am I not showing up on Google until page 4?
  • hate feeling stupid about technology but I really just don’t get this!
  • DMO?? Wait, what?? Another thing to learn?

But wait, what the heck is DMO?

DMO stands for is digital media optimization and it’s a proven holistic approach I've created to incorporate your entire digital footprint.  Intrigued? I thought you might be!  SEO Done the DMO WayTM takes your marketing efforts to the next level.

Say hello to SEO Done the DMO WayTM!

In this Masterclass, I’ll break down:

  • What you need to know about SEO
  • What you need to do to optimize your website
  • How to get your business in front of customers through search

You'll walk away with a done-for-you roadmap that you can use to connect with your dream customers.

Launching September 2020!

SEO 101 Course for Business Owners and Marketers
Myrna P. Daramy - SEO Expert and Educator

Hi! I’m Myrna Daramy

I’m a Digital Media Optimization Strategist, leading SEO coach and educator, and creator of SEO Done the DMO WayTM!

Throughout the last 15 years, I've transformed hundreds of brands and creative entrepreneurs (both big and small) by combining my expertise in digital analytics, technology management, and SEO with a deep understanding of all things creative.

In fact, I've made it my mission to be an advocate for business owners to not only overcome the overwhelm of tech, but to make you feel confident when it comes to making tech decisions in your business.  I don’t want you to get bamboozled by another “SEO expert” ever again! SEO Done the DMO WayTM is going to make sure of it.

I've been told that my superpower is that I can easily translate “tech talk” into concepts that make sense to even the most non-technical of business owners. As a result, my team's Technology Advisory coaching services has saved my clients countless hours of frustration with tech, as well as a proven track record of increased visibility.   I take pride in helping my clients peel back the layers of their brand, utilize the latest and greatest technology tools, and return to them an optimized digital footprint that converts better than ever before.

All in all, I’ve been able to educate more than a half-million small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to grow their companies in today’s digital marketplace.

Where you might have seen me on the internet:

Here's What You'll Have Access to When You Join SEO Done the DMO WayTM :

Plus you'll have access to over 10 downloadable worksheets and checklists to help you execute your SEO without overwhelm!

Amber Lilyestrom

"Myrna is my go-to for optimizing and maximizing my reach online."

Cara Heard

"Myrna is amazing at relating exactly what I needed to do, even though I don’t do 'Tech Talk.'"

Marissa Nelson, LMFT

"Myrna's expertise has empowered me to make the best decisions for my business."

Paying someone to manage your SEO can cost you $1,500 a month—and that doesn't guarantee results in line with your goals.

Stop feeling stretched about your budget when it comes to SEO, or worried that your current techniques aren’t doing the trick. I specifically designed this course to not only give you the essential information you need to feel confident about your website but to fit into any business budget.

No wasted time. No expensive experts. All the benefits of good SEO.

Stop hoping you’ve done things right and start crushing the SEO game! Join the thousands of business owners I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and do your SEO the DMO wayTM!


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