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I'm Myrna, a Digital Media Optimization Expert (DMO Expert for short.)

I help small businesses optimize their marketing strategies across all digital platforms as well as overcome the overwhelm of tech by bridging the gap between marketing and technology.  

Building an effective web presence involves more than just SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your entire digital footprint relies on multiple touch-points that go well beyond what SEO has to offer.

So, I've created a proven methodology which is a holistic approach to marketing that involves optimizing your social channels, website, and advertising efforts--guaranteed to increase your visibility and increase sales.

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Amber Lilyestrom | Brand Strategist + Business Coach

Myrna is a dynamo with all things digital marketing. She is my go-to for optimizing and maximizing my reach online and zeroing in on where I should invest my time and finances in growing my business. Myrna is the best in the online business world and will help you take your brand to the next level!

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There's only one way to make money and save money simultaneously online.

That way is by incorporating a holistic framework approach towards the way you market your business online which I created called Digital Media Optimization (DMO).

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