These are just a few adjectives that have been used to describe Myrna’s speaking style.


Myrna is often called the ‘Oprah of Tech’

Her superpower is simplifying tech-speak and translating complex, brain-bending topics into actionable insights that make sense to even the most non-techy business owners.

With over 60 presentations and speaking engagements under her belt, Myrna has helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs feel less overwhelmed and more empowered to make better tech decisions (and get better results).


Myrna is regularly invited by leading conferences, organizations, and educational institutions to deliver keynotes, host workshops, lead panels, and deliver training on:

  • Digital Consumer Behavior 
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Myrna’s Signature DMO (Digital Media Optimization) Framework
  • Overcoming the Overwhelm of Tech
  • Digital Inclusivity / Website Accessibility
  • ADA Compliance

"Accessibility is such an important piece of the conversation and thereโ€™s no one better to cover it than Myrna Daramy. Her presentation and Q&A were filled with so many digestible takeaways and left the audience feeling inspired in their next steps. She was so easy to work with as a speaker, and we loved having her at Growth Week!"

Mallory Rowan
Business Coach


Inclusion in Digital Spaces

Inclusion in Digital Spaces is a keynote presentation where Myrna shares her insights about what every business owner needs to know about web accessibility.  Key takeaways from this signature talk: 

    • What it means to be digitally inclusive
    • How ADA Compliance plays a role in accessibility
    • How to make your web presence more accessible

Overcome Tech Overwhelm

Overcoming the overwhelm of tech is a keynote presentation where Myrna shares her insights about the 5 elements needed in order to feel empowered and become the best digital version of yourself.  Key takeaways from this signature talk: 

    • Why we have normalized the fear
    • How to break down technology in order to feel empowered
    • Understand the main purpose of tech how to gain control 

DMO is the new SEO

SEO isn't dead, it has simply evolved.  In this keynote, Myrna shares her insight on SEO as well as her signature framework for optimizing an entire digital footprint.  Key takeaways from this signature talk: 

    • Why SEO is foundationally essential  in today's digital marketspace
    • What an improved holistic approach towards optimization looks like
    • Winning fundamental tips that can be implemented immediately  


All keynotes can be customized to fit the audience and industry needs. All keynotes can be delivered in-person or virtually.

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